We only use select base wines for the production of Puremonde sparkling wine. But how does such a wine turn into sparkling wine or champagne? It takes a `prise de mousse`- a second fermentation in the bottle – during which the bubbles develop. The bottles are being kept in special cupboards wich allow them to be shaken, and through constant movement the yeast settles in the neck of the bottle. In the end of the fermentation process the bottleneck is being dipped into a cold bath so that the yeast freezes. Than the bottle is being opened in an upright position, and the carbon dioxide´s pressure catapults the yeast cork out of the bottle.

During the second fermentation the sparkling wine gains its bubbles, but loses its natural sugar content. The sparkling wine is absolutely dry, but you want to enjoy a harmoniously balanced product. This is why at this stage a `dosage` is being added. According to legal guidelines and timed meticulously, the sparkling wine receives a dose of sugar dissolved in wine. It is the dosage which decides whether a sparkling wine will turn our brut, dry, semi-dry or mild.