Take a large ridged grill pan and heat them. Divide the lobster halves in two. Spice up the lobster with a marinade of olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Place the lobster halves with the meat side down in the hot pan and cover the pan with a lid. After five minutes, turn the lobster halves and let them cook for another 5 minutes. Turn the lobster halves again. Spice the lobster with some garlic and chopped red Cilischote. Let the lobster now another five minutes to cook the flesh side down. Than turn the Lobster, give two lime halves into the pan and finish cooking on the tank side. Serve the lobster with grilled lime halves and with finely chopped mint and chilli.

We recomand a cold Puremonde Riesling

Ingredients for 2 servings: lobster, olive oil, black pepper, lime, two red chillies