PUREMONDE: “Fine pearling for gourmets”

Sparkling wine belongs to the special moments in life. Puremonde provides the stylish frame that only a fine sparkling wine with an exquisite taste can offer. Our sparkling wine is characterized by only one grape variety that makes the base wine, long storage times out on the yeast, a complex bottle fermentation and through a lot of patience in the production. A long storage time in the bottle together with the yeast leads to a fine Perlage and an intensive flavor fullness. Get to know Puremonde, a collection that includes sparkling wine for every occasion and brings you maximum pleasure.

PUREMONDE SECCO: “The little brother of sparkling wine”

The difference between Secco and sparkling wine is mainly in the production and the pressure in the bottle. Sometimes a secco simply suits better to the occasion or to the menu than a sparkling wine.The screw cap made possible by the lower pressure also makes the Secco a bit easier to handle. No matter Puremonde Secco or Puremonde sparkling wine: Quality is our top priority!    

Simply order sparkling wine & Secco in our shop

Of course, you will find our sparkling wine or Secco in selected retailers. But the easiest way is to place an order in our internet shop. We look forward to your order!